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We start the day with coffee according to five changes. If someone does not know what it smells, it's time to try it!

And the smell actually spreads throughout the house.
Later on a regional table and our sausages, jams and homemade jams enter the long table. Cakes fragrant with berries and seasonal fruits, washed down with fresh milk. Bread baked with sourdough, home-made cottage cheese, yoghurts and obligatory real honey from our apiary. We cook only from local products and what we have grown ourselves, which is why we do not fear vegetarian, non-dairy and gluten-free diets.

In summer, sometimes we eat breakfast in the yard, because there is no way to start the day with the sun and a beautiful view. In the afternoons we grill, in the evenings we light a bonfire, because not only children enjoy it.
Dinner in the dining room is soup in a vase, second dish, dessert, tea and compote. Generally, you eat as much as you want, no one will leave here hungry :)

We also prepared a small kitchen at the disposal of our guests. You will find there a fridge, sink, electric kettle, coffee maker, bottle warmer and basic crockery and cutlery.
Do you want to heat something in the microwave? Although we do not use it ourselves, we'll be happy to share it with you.

We invite you for breakfast between 8.30 and 10.30, and dinner is served at 18:30 on time. If you're going on a long mountain trip - plan your route well and let us know at the latest until 6pm - we can move your meal by 9pm. And then we go to sleep :)

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